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about us

Angel of Lower Wacker Drive is a 501c(3) nonprofit founded by Dr. Patrick "Doc" Angelo, Jr. in 2001. Our mission is to serve the unhoused community in the Chicagoland area by providing the following: food, clothing, winter needs, water, toiletries, tents, showers and access to mental health and addiction resources currently being offered by both private and non-private agencies.


Moreover, we also seek to establish relationships with the men and women we serve each and every week. This is imperative in helping our friends’ transition from unhoused to housed. Building trust is a key component in what we do.

We currently have teams serving every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, between the hours of 7pm until around midnight. Additionally, we have teams serving alternate Mondays and Saturdays. Our teams serve various communities in Chicago, including: Lower Wacker Drive, Tent City (Tri-Taylor), Humboldt Park, Garfield Park, Uptown, Austin, Gage Park, Pilsen, and Elgin.

A typical service team consists of between 4 and 12 people, depending on the anticipated amount of people they may come across and the number of items being passed out that evening or event. The teams run a set route each evening - this has helped establish a designated meeting point for our friends on the street and helped maintain consistency throughout the routes. Each team will serve between 50 and 80 people every evening.

We also host special events throughout the year. Each summer we have a cookout/hangout, we bring wellness providers on certain days, we offer free haircuts, Thanksgiving we have a dinner, Christmas we hand out gifts, and we always try to be aware of any needs that may arise. 

We have also developed strategic partners with both mental health and addiction recovery service providers. We have witnessed firsthand our friends leave their addictions and get help with undiagnosed mental illness; this is by far the most rewarding aspect of what we do.

services we provide

food and water

Getting access to nutritious, warm meals while experiencing homelessness is difficult and can be dangerous.

The Angels of Lower Wacker, in conjunction with our partnered organizations, provide regular meals to those who need them most.

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mental health, addiction, and wellness support

One in three people experiencing homelessness struggle with mental health issues. One in two struggle with addiction. Though these are not drivers of homelessness, and are often a result of the stress of being unhoused, untreated mental health and addiction make re-entry into society difficult.

The Angels of Lower Wacker have teamed up with local service providers to provide our friends the help they need.

Therapy Session

clothing, toiletries, and shelter

Chicago's unrelenting winters pose serious health risks without adequate clothing and shelter.


The Angels of Lower Wacker provide warm clothes, tents, and toiletries to help our friends endure the winter months.


holiday events

For unhoused individuals, holidays can be an especially difficult time of the year. Being unable to purchase gifts or being away from family can add unneeded stress.

The Angels coordinate gift giving events during Christmas, a large dinner for Thanksgiving, and cookouts in the summer to help foster a sense of community.

Image by Annie Spratt
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